Everything We Know about Queer Tango

–in the SF Bay Area

Milongas (dance parties)

-Abrazo, the Queer Milonga.  Every 3rd Saturday of the month we gather to dance and prance!  Beginner / fundamentals class at 7. Great DJs, good eats. 7-  11 pm. No partner necessary. Everyone Welcome. $15 general, $7 Students with ID, $5 Never been to a tango dance special. Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 1970 Chestnut St. in Berkeley. Details HERE. Questions: abrazoqueertango@gmail.comNext date: November 16th

Workshops, Classes and Practicas

-Queer Tango Classes on Wednesdays in Oakland. No partner or experience needed–our Queer Tango series has Beginner and Intermediate level classes, and we go deep every Wednesday. Lake Merrritt Dance Center (Hall 2.) 200 Grand Ave. Oakland. Beginner/Fundementals class 7:15 -8:15  with Jonas Aquino. Intermediate class 8:15-9:15 with a rotation of great teachers. Details HERE.  Questions: Abrazoqueertango@gmail.com.

Gay Games Team Tango PracticaSundays, 3:30-5:30, Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley. Anyone who wants to come to practice is welcome!  **You do not have to be a participant of the Gay Games–this practica is open to all, and Maya, Auriel and Winter available to answer questions, coach and encourage. All contribute funds to cover the cost of the room, $5-10. Come dance with us! For more info, contact amalia.bergman@gmail.com, or winterheld55@yahoo.com (NOTE: no practica on 10/13 due to the Tango Asado Benefit-see below, and no practica on 10/20 due to the workshops with Sharna–see below.)

Competitions, Performance, Music, Festivals, Misc. info!

Orchestra Q! Yep,  the Bay Area has it’s own queer tango orchestra made up of local tango dancers and musicians. They started jamming together in the Fall of 2012, and you can find out more about them and their upcoming gigs HERE! 

Queer Teachers Available for privates or small groups

Maya: amalia.bergman@gmail.com

Winter & Auriel: qtsfinfo@yahoo.com

Kate (Proxima Centauri): kolszewska@yahoo.com

Citabria & Andrea: Citabria@LightOnYourFeet.com


Queer Tango Resources http://www.facebook.com/groups/88504309052/?ref=ts

QueerTango Connect-SF Bay Area:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/139253619473585/

A SF Queer Tango websitehttp://www.queertangosf.com/index.htm

Tango Mango lists all tango events and classes:  http://www.tangomango.org : make sure to check out Fridays in SF–there is a  lovely class and practica open to all.

Queer Partner Dancing Calendar: http://www.outdance.org

SF Loves Tango:  An Insiders Guide to Tango in San Francisco—features a nifty article on queer tango! http://sflovestango.com/open-to-possibilities/

QueerTango SF: Yep, the group that started queer tango in the SF Bay Area. Big mad tango love to Amy Little, Winter Held and Auriel. Website is HERE, and you can find them on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/QTSanFrancisco

Super Queer Friendly Tango Classes, practicas and space::

 –Dan & Pier at the Beat in Berkeley every Thursday: The Next Practica!  Yep, our queer tango favorites Dan y Pier have class every Thursday at the Beat in Berkeley and LOTS of queer tango dancers go. 8-9 Fundamentals class. 9-10 Progressive Class. Practica 9-11–actually, you can practice starting at 8 in the side room! http://users.lmi.net/thebeat/danAndPier.htm The Beat: 2560 9th St. in Berkeley at Dwight.

-Dan & Christy Tuesdays SF http://www.tangomango.org/link.php?eventid=403&date=2012-10-16 Oh yes, if you are in SF on Tuesdays, Dan’s got another great class to check out!

-Allegro Ballroom: A GREAT place to practice whenever you want. $10 bucks per hour. Bring a partner, some music, pick a room and tango away! Lots of queer and same sex dancers go to the Allegro and it’s a cool space. 5855 Christie Ave. Emeryville, CA 94608. 510-655-2888.

-Tango Follower’s Extreme with Luz Castineiras on Tuessdays in Oakland. Yep, Luz who has taught several queer tango classes, has a great class 7:30-9 for follower’s technique AND a practica 9-11:15 with great music. It’s all at Studio 1924: 1924 Franklin St, Oakland. Link: http://www.tangomango.org/index.php?eventid=8347&date=2013-10-01

-Tuesday Night Tango in Palo Alto.  South Bay peeps are covered! Progressive series with Leslie Gordon. http://www.tntango.com. This class is assisted by a lovely queer tango dancer, Rich, who leads and follows!

-Lisette Perelle: Tuesdays 8pm class, 9 pm practica at Just Dance Ballroom, and Thursdays 12 noon at Studio 1924. See www.TangoMango.org for more details. Lisette has taught a number of queer tango classes, workshops, has performed at our queer tango festival and is an all-around lovely person. Check out all her offerings on tangomango.org.

-Fridays in SF—-there’s some great class and practica opportunities in SF on Fridays! Check out Tango Mango for details.

-We Want YOUR listings: if you have cool place you like to dance, found a great teacher, had a good experience somewhere, shoot us an email and we can add it to the list!!

Want to add info or receive a monthly update on queer tango events, email us at abrazoqueertango@gmail.com

Come dance into happy with us!

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