Happy New Year! 2021, finally.

Dear Kindred,

I have so much hope and energy for 2021, and I wish you all so much love and joy – as much as your heart can hold – as we enter a new year.  

I wanted to let you know that I’m taking a leave from organizing queer tango in 2021 as a family member has a new health issue that needs my full attention and time. A network of wonderful friends and a fantastic health care team supports us, and I plan to return to tango organizing in the future.

I know many of you are also managing illness, taking care of family, dealing with job loss and working on so many fronts. This really has been a difficult year in so many ways. My hope is that our little tango community still offers you a change to recharge, fill up with joy and connect with your peeps!

Abrazo will continue of course – but there will be some temporary changes.

Our milonga will take a pause, but will return in grand fashion in person or on zoom on 12/31/21, if not before. Save the date dear one – it’s gonna be a party.

Our weekly queer tango classes will continue with Mira and Miranda rotating teaching each month, January – April.  Our next series starts Sunday 1/3 with Mira. Same zoom link that you can find over here:  https://abrazoqueertango.wordpress.com/abrazo-queer-tango-classes/.

Every Sunday, we invite you to come  find your tango legs and heart with a gaggle of dear peeps. So much is still possible!

Sophia, our volunteer coordinator (that’s not a big enough title,) will be the abrazo administrator running the day-to-day business in 2021. Please contact Sophia with any questions throughout the year at: slanzaweil@gmail.com

Thank you in advance to Mira, Miranda and Sophia! Please support them!

A moment of gratitude for folks who made magic for us in 2020.

I want to thank DJ Madeleine and DJ Mackerelmint for giving our tango community such a gift in 2020: the music, the zoom, and their thoughtful and creative work to co-produce our virtual milonga and weekly classes.  We had no idea what tango would be in the virtual world, and with their support, it turned into something beautiful, international, diverse and for me, inspiring and joyful. I’m also grateful for the behind the scenes, but constant, work of Ivette to help Abrazo work with so many Spanish speaking guest artists at our milonga. We held 10 virtual queer milongas, welcoming a local and international group of queer tango artists, singers, teachers, musicians and performers, many of whom stayed up crazy late, to light up our virtual milonga with their stunning talent.  Deep bow of appreciation.

The thank you list that could follow would be too much for a single email. It would include so many of you: folks who donate money, time, care, talent, counsel. Folks who came to our events despite the peculiar idea of ‘virtual queer tango’ and sent notes of support and encouragement. All of us keep our little tango community growing and so very bright, and it is a great pleasure of my life to work and dance with all of you.

Below are some nuts and bolts to stay connected queer tango

So dear kindred, I end this note with my wishes for you. May 2021 bring you joy, wherever you are in the world, even in these peculiar and challenging times. Magic is still all around, may you find it in 2021.

Be well, dance on!

Karen, your dancing goat over at AbrazoQueerTango

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