Argentine Tango is a beautiful partner dance with a stunning embrace—this is not ballroom tango, my kindred, this is Argentine Tango,

a social dance,

an intimate dance,

a dance that is everything  heartbreaking and joyful about being alive.

Over here at Abrazo Queer Tango, we welcome everyone to come dance with us.

Our passion is Argentine Tango.

Our mission is Queer Tango for everyone–that is to say, come as you are and dance as you wish.

Our kingdom includes every kind of beautiful: butches and femmes, kings and queens, big men and little, women just the same, everyone in between and neither, bois and studs, fairies and dandies, bears and unicorns, cis, trans and non-binary—-merry makers one and all, and we invite you to come dance with us.

Our intention is to create an inclusive dance space without racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and all that other blah blah blah that interferes with the joy to be found in dancing tango.

Long live queer tango!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh how I long for queer tango community! I’m in Portland OR – super duper tango town – with such a lack of queer tango peeps! I go to Santa Cruz about 4 times per year, with no car – and wondering if you can tell me what’s the closest queer tango Milonga? Or – is there anyone who drives from Santa Cruz area to tango and would like a little company and gas money? I will be there Sept 3rd for 2 weeks and would love to dance and meet the community…
    Warmly Wishing,

  2. Hi Anusuya,
    Thanks for your note! I’ve been to dance in Portland and had great time (my wife and I went just last year) but queer friendly is not the same as queer tango! So I hear ya! Let’s see–I don’t know of any queer tango in Santa Cruz sadly. There used to be a dancer who came up from Santa Cruz to our queer milonga (3rd Saturdays) but he moved–thus I have no resources for rides up from Santa Cruz. As far as I know, our queer milonga is the closest. Our milonga in September is on 9/15. I do hope you can come dance with us!
    best, karen

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