Queer Tango Teacher’s Fund

All of the profit from Abrazo tango events goes towards building a nice backyard deck for my house–oh, goodness NO kindred. ALL of the profit goes towards….MORE Queer Tango events.

We use our small pot of funds to support and help host traveling queer tango teachers who make their way to the Bay Area. Thank you traveling Queer Tango Teachers. We Love You!

We use it to bank roll our Sunday Queer Tango Classes and Practica.  It doesn’t always break even but thanks to our queer tango fund, it always happens and it rocks!  We are committed to making it a place where queer folks and good folks can come find their way into the magic world of tango!

We hit our fund up to support good causes like the the Seattle Queer Tango Festival, growing queer tango community around the country by sharing funds, providing scholarships for dancers to take our classes and attend our festival.

And of course,  our  local queer tango milonga is bankrolled by our fund. We are so thankful and happy to have the best DJs, great teachers and good eats every 3rd Saturday of the month.  THANK YOU for supporting us.

Want to help make our not-quite-yet-giant pool of queer tango money bigger? Want to help grow queer tango!? It takes a village to keep the lights of queer tango glowing bright!  Here are some ways you can help:

Donate cool raffle prizes, buy queer tango gift certificate for a friend, COME DANCE WITH US, stash some extra cash in our donation bucket, COME DANCE WITH US. Volunteer or work-trade your skills! Help clean up or set up a milonga! Donate a lesson with your favorite teacher–we would love for them to teach at our milonga  or Sunday class! Sponsor your favorite DJ to play at our milonga, and do COME DANCE WITH US!

Thank you  so much for supporting this manor of the world wide Queer Tango Kingdom!

Big mad tango love y’all.

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