Guest Performer

Anahí Carballo is a Queer Tango and Folklore dancer, choreographer, teacher, and director. In 2019, she was Provincial Champion of Women’s Malambo for the district of Buenos Aires (Campeona Provincial de Malambo Femenino, sede Bs As). She is the director and choreographer of the company “Tango Entre Mujeres.” She plays as a DJ at various Folklore events (peñas) and Milongas throughout Buenos Aires.

Anahí holds a university degree in Folklore with a specialization in Folkloric and Tango Dance from the National University of the Arts (la UBA).  Furthermore, she is licensed as a Tango Instructor by the Tango Educational Center of Buenos Aires (CETBA), and as a Teacher of Native Dances by the Interamerica Confederation of Dance. Anahí has also studied contemporary dance, ballet, urban dances, modern cuban dance, and afro-contemporary dance. She has served on the jury of several Tango and Folklore contests, and has been on the examining board of various teacher training exams in the interior of the country. 

We are so very pleased to welcome Anahi to perform live from Buenos Aires at Abrazo, the virtual queer milonga on December 19th.

“I am the daughter of Folklore dancers and started dancing Malambo since as a child. Historically, Malambo was an exclusive dance for men, and my being able to dance the Malambo represents ideologically gaining a place/making space for women.”











LilianaNovember 21, Abrazo welcomes Liliana Chenlo

Liliana Chenlo, is a traditional and Queer Tango instructor and professional dancer. Born in Buenos Aires city, she began her career as a tango dancer at the age of 8, learning both roles at the same time.

Liliana performs throughout Argentina and the world, including performances in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and the United States among others.

In 2008, she began her own tango company in Buenos Aires, “Open Tango,” offering locals and tourists a chance to discover and learn tango in a supportive environment without gender assigned dance roles.

She has been invited to participate in several Queer Tango Festivals around the world including Buenos Aires, Chile, Miami, Paraguay and throughout Europe as well. 6 years ago, Liliana and her dance partner participated in the Tango World Cup as the first queer tango couple to perform and compete. Since her pioneering work, more queer and same sex couples have entered the World Festival of Argentine Tango.

We are honored and very excited to welcome Liliana Chenlo to perform live from Buenos Aires at Abrazo, the virtual queer milonga on November 21. She will perform with Roxane Camargo a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer of Argentine Tango for 23 years.

Check our Liliana’s youtube channel for more of her work

IG : Lily Chenlo Tango

Facebook: Liliana Chenlo Tango 

Professional page: Tango Liliana Chenlo 



September 2020: Introducing Ezgi Turmus & Ezgi Sarıkaya

Ezgi Turmus started to tango at the Istanbul University Dance Club in 2004. She worked with many different tango teachers and from the start was inspired to dance both roles. After graduating, she returned to Samsun and founded her own school, TangoSam, where she began to teach and perform at many milongas and tango events. Ezgi continued her tango journey in Buenos Aires, learning from many teachers and advancing her dance before returning to Samsun to teach, dance, and perform.

Ezgi Sarıkaya discovered tango at TangoSam in 2012, first as a student and then as an assistant instructor. Ezgi and Ezgi then began to teach and dance together at TangoSam. In 2017, they decided to dance at the Istanbul Mundial de Baile competition as a queer couple. They advanced to the final and the placed 8th. Since this time, they continued to teach and perform in many different cities and venues.

Abrazo Queer Tango is honored to welcome this beautiful dance couple to Abrazo, the virtual queer milonga on September 19. They will perform live from Samsun Turkey. This will not be recorded dear one, and please note the time zone.

8-9:30 pm pacific standard time/ San Francisco

11-12:30 pm eastern standard time/ New York City

6 – 7:30 AM on Sunday September 20th in Turkey

A sneak peek at their lovely dance, a couple to watch and enjoy!