Soledad :: 2017

Soledad :: The SF Bay Area Queer Tango Festivalito

March 16th -19th 2017

Soledad is a gifted tango dancer, leader and follower, from Buenos Aires, known for her musicality and creativity on the dance floor. A playful and intuitive teacher, Soledad is beloved in tango communities across the globe, where she performs, shares her tango knowledge and spreads joy.

We invite you to experience four days and four nights of Queer Tango everything : milongas, practicas, performances, workshops and joy.

The SF Bay Area queer tango community is large and lovely, and we are excited to offer FREE to very cheap host housing for out of town guests. We will also feature a number of pre-festival events with Sole starting March 10th. First come first serve for housing! Contact Dina at

Schedule and pricing:

Thursday  March 16th   Finnish Hall 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley
6-7:30    Workshop 1 :: The Walking Intensive 1 :: One of Soledad’s most popular workshops for dancers at every level who want to master a fluid, grounded walk.  Walk like a lion! (All-levels)

8-9:30    Workshop 2 :: Communication :: At its core, tango is a dance of expression and communication. In this class, Soledad teaches students how to integrate clarity and creativity into our dance while being in full communication with our partners.

9:30-11:30 Practimilonga + welcome tea and goodies with Sole

Friday March 17th:  Finnish Hall 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley
6-7:30    Workshop 3 :: Old School Fundamentals: Tango essentials from Sole’s bag of tango magic. Get ready to think, feel and be tango. (Intermediate)

8-9:30    Workshop 4 :: Social Tango/Circulation on the dance floor :: We dance not only with our partners, but with a moving floor of dancers. Come learn creative, musical steps to create space and circulation on crowded floor. (Beginner-Intermediate)
9:30-12 Opening Milonga + performance

Saturday March 18th: Daytime workshops Finnish Hall 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley
1-2:30    Workshop 5 :: The Tango Body : Unity of embrace and body + integrating the legs :: Experience in detail how to integrate the fluidity, precision and beauty of tango movements in your whole body from the floor into your legs and embrace—this is Soledad’s Tango Intensive.  (All-levels)

3-4:30    Workshop 6 :: Milonga 1 :: The happy dance—Milonga! In this class, students will learn milonga movements that are natural and comfortable, beginning with basic concepts and adding playfulness and musicality options for dancers at all levels. (Beginner/Intermediate)

LOCATION CHANGE: Evening Premilonga workshop and Gala Milonga at Lake Merritt Dance Center, 200 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA.
6:30-8  Workshop 7 :: Premilonga workshop. Sensibility: Be the person you want to dance with. Learn how to be reactive, soft, fully present and connected with your partner in each moment of the dance.(All-levels)

8:00- 12:00  Gala Milonga + performance with live music

Sunday March 19th:   Finnish Hall 1970 Chestnut St. Berkeley
1-2:30 pm    Workshop 8 :: Soledad’s Favorite Steps :: Oh yes, playful, sweet, musical, Soledad’s favorite moves. (Beginner/ Intermediate)

3-5:30 pm    Workshop 9 :: Milonga 2 :: The happy dance with one of the most musical dancers in tango shoes. Sole will progress to challenging, creative sequences and concepts of the milonga! (Intermediate/Advanced only please) Partner required. Limited rotation.  

5:30-10 pm Sunset Milonga 
1 to 4 Workshops    $25 each
5 to 9 Workshops    $20 each

Thurs Practilonga + welcome tea with Sole: $10 
Friday Opening Milonga with performance:  $20
Saturday Gala Milonga + live music dance performance: $20
Sunday Sunset Milonga: $15

Full Access, Everything Pass: $220

Additional Student Pricing for FULL-TIME students with ID:
$15 workshops. $10 Milongas. Free practicas. Student registration is in person only and available throughout the festivalito.  We will need to see your ID at the door.

Privates for 1-2 people: $90 each plus floor fee. 3+ privates are 80 each plus floor fee. Booking is limited and first come first serve. Contact Bridget to reserve your spot:

All purchases are for individual use. Packages may not be shared, exchanged or refunded.

How to pay/register for Early Bird Discounts:
Bay Area folks: register and pay in person at our Sunday classes or milonga: cash or check.
Out of towners: email us at
Full-time student pricing: No preregistration. Student pricing is available throughout the festival. ID required at door.
* If you miss Early Bird registration, no worries, you can still register and pay the regular price, listed below, at the door.

We strive to keep our events affordable, work trade is available. Email us: for details.

We have free to cheap cheap housing available on a first come, first serve basis for out out of town guests. Please email our housing guru, Dina at

HUGE thank you to the Bay Area Queer Tango community donating their time, skills and effort to make this festivalito possible and affordable!

So that all may dance and enjoy, this festivalito is fragrance free.

But that’s not all, dear lovelies. Soledad’s 2017 North American tour will include weekends in the following US cities:

Austin, Texas early March: Tango Tribe:

Montreal, Canada end of March: Queer Tango Montreal

NYC, Philly and beyond in April: NYC Queer Tango Club

Contact the organizers above for details. Oh yes, from coast to coast, the kingdom shall dance!

The Bay Area queer tango community is large and lovely and we invite you to come live tango with Soledad.

And now dear lovelies, a peak of Soledad making magic around the globe:

Buenos Aires:

San Francisco



We welcome all to come dance into happy with us.



6 thoughts on “Soledad :: 2017

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  5. I am very excited that Solidad will be here! I just met her in November at BA. She is an incredible teacher! I am interested. Please send me info on , inexpensive lodging and fees for workshops

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