Guest Musician

Itza Gutierrez performs live, 2 sets, at our December 19th virtual queer milonga

Half soft butterfly and half jaguar claws, Itza animates short mourning acts using voice and guitar. Mourning haunted objects and diasporic intimacies, swirl into deep times to reach their Nahua, Chinese and FiIipino ancestors. Grieving and joyful, they have formed a rich musical palette in Mexico and Colombia, and are now based in Canada.

Tango life started for Itza in 2016 in the city of Montreal. Since 2018, while continuing to learn the dance, their tango have been enriched with performing, graphic designer and community organizer practices.

“Music has been my best friend in times of needing to make sense out of melancholic estrangement. Tune this Saturday for two stormy tangos (1943, 1917), one silky vals (1947) and one son profundo (1873). Lyrics of longing to see each other again, nostalgic specters in the shadows, soft drizzle… and dreamy encounters. #EnEspañol for our friends in San Francisco @AbrazoQueerTango. Tango jewel Anahi Carballo will be performing live from Buenos Aires!”

We are so very fortunate to welcome back Itza to sing down the moon at Abrazo, the virtual queer milonga, December 19th.

IG: @Itzapa palote

November 21, Abrazo welcomes singer and guitarist Maleva Santomil

 María Laura Santomil performs as Maleva Santomil and was born in Buenos Aires. She studied at the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda, where she currently works as a teacher. She is a professional musician, and has spent over 20 years specializing in tango. She has participated in numerous musical groups, touring in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

Some of her work includes: Guitar and arrangement for the orchestra “Las del Abasto:” Guitar with the trio “Se dice de mi;” Guitar and arrangement for the duo “2×2 tango” together with the singer Gabriela Leiva; Guitar with the Orquesta Municipal de Tango de Avellaneda directed by the maestro Héctor Mele: Guitar and arrangement for the quintet “China Cruel.”

Currently, Maleva is a guitarist with the Orquesta Municipal de Tango de Avellaneda, directed by the maestro Diego Lerendegui. In 2015, she has ventured into bandoneón performance, playing with the Orquesta Típica Esquina Sur. Since August 2019, she has performed danceable live music, singing and accompanying herself on guitar in the most prominent queer milongas in Buenos Aires, with a repertoire of tangos and waltzes.

We are delighted to welcome Maleva Santomil perform live at Abrazo, the virtual queer milonga on November 21.


October 17th, Abrazo welcomes Natalia Bril as our guest singer.

Natalia Bril was born in Buenos Aires. She is a tango singer and singing teacher. She graduated from the Avellaneda School of Popular Music (EMPA) in Buenos Aires, specializing in tango music.

As a tango singer, she has performed on many stages in Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas including Café Vinilo, Torquato Tasso, Teatro Roma de Avellaneda, the Tango Festival of the city, and Buenos Aires Tango Queer Festival, among many other venues. She completed her first European tours in 2019 and 2020, singing throughout several countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Denmark.

Natalia’s first album “Otra Mirada” was released in May 2018 and features classical tangos that she covers with guitarist Leonardo Andersen. Together they have performed as Tango Due since 2016.

Take a listen to the magic she makes with tango over on spotify:

It is such a pleasure and honor to welcome Natalia Bril as our guest singer at Abrazo, the virtual queer milonga, Saturday Oct. 17, 8 – 9:30 pm pacific standard time. Nalia will perform a live set from her studio in Buenos Aires.

Links to Natalia’s performances:


September 2020: Fifi Tango

With her unique style, Fifi Tango explores and extrapolates the traditional tango style through her non-binary Queer identity. She leverages her Neo Cabaret performance to challenge, transform and modernize the international tango scene. Born between the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, she proclaims herself politically as “Marika Fronteriza,” a slang term that could be translated as “Faggot from the Border,” but re-appropriates the term with pride.

Through her singing performances, La Fifi manifests the struggles of the LGBTTIQ+ community with Tango as a way to raise awareness of the day-to-day struggles experienced by Sexual and Gender non-conforming people and to raise awareness tragic events and violence that they face.

In her performances, the impact of her image is as important as her acting and vocal display. Her appearance and mustache express a statement about her gender fluid identity, a strong weapon designed to rethink and deconstruct judgmental preconceptions about gender.

After eight years of performing, La Fifi is today at the center of the tango scene in the city of Buenos Aires, and other countries including Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil and Paraguay.

We are indeed fortunate and honored to welcome Fifi to perform live from Buenos Aires on September 19th at Abrazo, the virtual queer milonga. This will not be recorded, in the moment magic my peeps.

Please note the time zones:

8-9:30 pm pacific standard time/ San Francisco

11-11:30 pm eastern standard time/ New York City

12 am – 1:30 am Buenos Aires