Abrazo, the queer milonga: 10/19/13. Video by Ivy!

Workshop Weekend With Soledad Nani October 5th-8th 2012. 

1) Soledad and Mayumi–Milonga! 

2) Soledad and Mayumi-Vals!

3) Soledad and Mayumi-Tango!

4) Soledad and Mayumi at the Beat, 10/8/12: 1/2

5) Soledad and Mayumi at the Beat, 10/8/12: 2/2

6) Soledad and Mayumi at Cellspace 10/2/12: Tango!

Workshop Weekend with Sabine Rhode: February 2012

Sabine and Lisette at Abrazo: Vals

Sabine and Pier at Duboce Park Cafe, Free Queer Tango in the Castro: Tango!

Dan y Pier at Abrazo, the queer milonga 5/1/12:  1/2 and 2/2

Seattle Queer Tango

-Astrid Weiske and Erica Atnip at the Seattle’s 1st  International Queer Tango, 2013: 1/2

3 thoughts on “Video

  1. Interest in the Sunday Beginning classes and the Milonga–I’m taking at class in CCSF this semester–but want to practice and dance. I can only make on the February 22, do have others in March?

    • Hi ya, yes, we have classes every Sunday, including March. On Feb 22nd we are having classes/workshops with a visiting teacher from LA, a rockstar in the tango world, Sharna Fabiano. Please feel free to join us whenever it works for you! We will be there every Sunday rain or shine. Karen

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