Work Trade Wonders

Hello beautiful friends!  Over here are Abrazo, we’re hoping you’ll keep dancing ’till your heart is full…. and perhaps consider supporting the community by becoming a Worktrade Wonder.
What is a Worktrade Wonder?  WTWs are the fabulous folks who make all the AQT events possible.  We set up the room before every class and Milonga, organize the food that fuels our revels, greet dancers at the door, and clean up after the final tanda to ensure we leave our space ready for the next group.
We are seeking more folks to join us in doing these simple but crucial tasks.  In exchange for your dedication to the community, we offer a $15/hour credit for your time.  Shifts are generally in half-hour increments, and we’ll train you or guide you the first few times through so it’s a positive and stress-free experience. You can be a WTW once a year, once a month, or once a week– any time you can dedicate is a much-needed and much-appreciated gift.
For more info, please reach out to me directly at, or find me in person at classes and Milongas.
Worktrade / Volunteer Coordinator